Short history

Born the summer of 1982, I'm the son of a Dutch mother and a Hungarian father. I was born and raised in and around Eindhoven, where I went to school at the International School. In the early 1990's we moved to Veldhoven, shortly thereafter we moved to Budapest, Hungary. We spent about two and a half years there, where I enjoyed my education at the American International School or Budapest. A strongly believe the latter formed me for the rest of my life. It was my first experience with many different cultures and notably IT in general. After moving back to the Netherlands, I spent my formative years in Veldhoven, going to a local school. After graduating there, I went to the University of Eindhoven, where I studied IT. During my study I moved to Eindhoven, and 8 months later I moved to Riethoven with my girlfriend. Significantly, during my entire youth, I spent a lot of time with very close family in Germany, there I was introduced to music and the Internet. This along with my time in Hungary set out a very solid path to a career in IT.

Previous Job

At my previous job as an Application Developer at a major IT company in Eindhoven where I started in 2007. My bread and butter was Java and related (Open Source) technologies. While I thoroughly enjoyed my time as an Application Developer, I wanted to progress with my career and go on as a Software Architect.

In the beginning of 2015 I got an opportunity to work as an Architect. Having been detached for the 7 years before, I reconsidered the relationship with my previous employer and I was fortunate enough to be able to take this position as a fixed employee.

Current occupation

Currently, I'm working as a Product Architect at a High Tech company near Eindhoven. There's still a strong reliance on Java and Open Source, the functional domain I'm working in has become the biggest part of this job. When looking back at the past months, it's weird how fast the job has changed, as have I.